SEA Mercury 800

SEA Mercury 800

Brand: SEA

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This Italian designed motor is one of our best sellers in its category. Rated for a sliding gate weighing up to 800kg this motor is a workhorse and you can expect reliability.

Main Features

• Gearmotor for residential or semi-intensive use and gate with max 800 kg weight

• Refined design, compact and easy to install

• Die-cast aluminum body with external housing with innovative design

• Encoder(Obstacle detection sensor)for max. operation safety(optional 230V version)

• Simple and quick installation

• Electronic anti-crushing clutch

• Mechanical or magnetic limit switch (MAG version)

• Optional micro-switch on release lever

• Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing on USER 1 24V D G or GATE 1 (220V) control unit

• Emergency batteries and solar panel KIT SUNNY for recharge can be applied

• 230V or 24V versions

• Optional battery of 1,2 AH ( cod.1271529)

Technical Data

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