Swing Gate Systems

Swing gate systems for commercial properties across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Ideal for limited space

For areas with limited space, gravel roads, asphalt or simply unsuitable surfaces for a track, swing gates can be the ideal solution. Swing gates can cater to a range of space allocations with single swing gate, double swing gates (or dual swing gates) and bi-fold gates all being available options.  And all these options can feature your preference designs from simple vertical tubes or aluminium slats to custom laser cut designs. 

Swing gates designed and installed correctly are cost effective, low maintenance and reliable.  You can choose between manual swing gates or electric swing gate operation with remote control, intercom, keypad or GSM (allows authorised mobile phones to be used as the remote control).

At Secure Entry our team can take care of all aspects of your swing gate project from swing gate designs, swing gate fabrication, swing gate installation and also maintaining your swing gates.  And whether it be for a small commercial swing gate system at the office carpark or industrial sized swing gates at the trucking depot all our team members hold the relevant qualifications, training, resources and electric gate experience to handle the task.  And for further peace of mind our technicians are also fully insured for workcover and public liability. It just makes sense to use Secure Entry for your complete gate and gate automation solutions.

Manual or automatic operation

Powered by main, battery or solar

Cost-effective, reliable and low maintenance

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    Swing Gate Styles

    Swing gate systems typically consist of one or two leaves (panels) that swing on hinges that are fastened to supporting posts or pillars either side of an opening. Swing gate systems can be operated manually as well as automatically when your gate has an electric gate opener installed.  Electric swing gates can be operated from a number of power sources including 240V mains power located at the gate location, low volt power cabled to an existing 240V mains power source (limits do apply) or by battery charged from solar power.

    Single Swing Gate

    Single Swing Gates

    Single swing gate systems consist of a single leaf (gate panel) that swings on gate hinges fixed to a supporting post or pillar.  Generally single swing gate systems will clsoe into a post of other physical stop on one side.  There are many factors we consider when determining the best gate solution for a location such as gate length, height, weight, design, opening direction and ground level for example however, generally a single swing gate system is preferred when the gate opening isn’t very wide.

    Dual Swing Gates

    Dual swing gate systems consists of two leaves (panels) that swing on hinges fastened to supporting posts or pillars, preferably with a physical closing stop in the centre.  Generally, a dual swing gate is preferred where the driveway width exceeds around three metres however, other factors also influence this decision.  Swing gate height, the weight of a swing gate, gate design, required opening speed and the number of gate cycles are some of the main factors that need to be considered before choosing the right swing gate system for you site.

    Commercial Gates
    BiFold Swing Gate

    Bi-fold Swing Gates

    Bi-fold swing gate systems consist of one or two hinged gates that fold back onto themselves when opened.  In simple terms the gate leaves (or gate panels) are made in 2 parts and hinged in the centre to fold back in half.  This means that the bi-fold gates covering a 4 metre opening, consisting of 2 by 2 metres gate leaves will only take up 1 metre of space when folded back.  This can make the Bi fold swing gates an ideal solution when space is a major constraint.

    Why Secure Entry?

    Over the past 20 years our trusted team has been designing and delivering systems that add security, appeal and value to homes, businesses, commercial sites, schools and body corporates across South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales and beyond.

    One-Stop Solution

    Secure Entry specialises in whole site solutions. We’ll guide you through the entire process from selecting your plan, to design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

    Superior Planning & Design

    No two projects are the same. As such every gate system we provide is custom designed to ensure the fit, form and function match your needs and vision.

    Quality Fabrication & Materials

    All of our custom builds are crafted entirely in our Brisbane workshop by our experienced team of fabricators using the highest quality materials available to ensure your gates durability.

    Fully Licensed Installers

    Our systems are all constructed and installed with licensed and experienced staff in compliance with Australian standards. All Secure Entry staff are police-checked and insured by us.

    Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

    Ensure your electric gates remain in good working order and extend their longevity with ongoing gate servicing, gate maintenance and gate motor repairs by Secure Entry.

    Large Range of Gates

    Select from a large range of designs and systems to suit your style, budget and location.

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