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Electric Gate Servicing, Repairs

And Preventative Maintenance

Routine servicing and preventative maintenance in line with the manufacturer recommendations help protect the warranty on your electric gate system and reduce the risk of product failure. Although your electric gate system is designed as a robust piece of equipment, like anything mechanical if it is not maintained in a good operating condition it will eventually result in the electric gate motor failing. Gate failures are not only extremely inconvenient but often result in higher costs then a regulular preventative maintenance program given the cost of spare parts and possibly emergency callout charges.

01. Electric Gate Servicing

Ensure the ongoing reliability and longevity of your automatic electric gate with regular servicing by Secure Entry’s highly qualified staff.

02. Electric Gate Repairs

We work with all electric gate motor brands and models including SEA, NICE, FAAC, ATA, Centsys, TAU, Beninca, DEA, RIB and Key Automation to name a few.  And because we deal with some of the best suppliers in the industry, so long as spare parts are available we can get the required parts to repair your gate in the flash of an eye.

03. Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your electric gate system in the best shape possible will enable you to meet any commercial requirements, maintain manufacturer product warranties, minimise the risk of costly breakdowns and extend the working life of your entire gate system.

On-Site Gate And Gate Motor Repairs When You Need It!

Our experienced team of gate technicians can provide timely on-site solutions for problems such as:

  1. Electric gate not opening or electric gate not closing
  2. Electric gate only partially closing
  3. Gate remote control not working
  4. Electric gate safety beam sensor not working
  5. Sliding gate off its track
  6. Electric gate dragging on the ground
  7. Boomgate not rising or boomgate not closing
  8. Intercom not working or keypad not working
  9. Solar power gate not working
  10. Flat battery in solar power gate
  11. Power failure and blown fuses
  12. Electric gate damaged by storm
  13. Vandalism or break-and-enter
  14. Electric gate insurance repairs

Our team of technicians are experienced, trained and insured professionals qualified to install, repair and service your automatic electric gate system.  We also offer a quick response service to get your gate system back up and running ASAP.

Electric Gate Servicing


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