Centsys D2 Turbo & D2 Turbo Low Voltage

Centsys D2 Turbo & D2 Turbo Low Voltage

Brand: Centsys

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The D2 Turbo is a high-speed, cost-effective operator for domestic gates weighing up to 250kg, with a maximum speed of 400 millimeters per second and powerful peak push force rated at 9kgf. This operator is exceptionally quick and easy to install and set up, with all settings easily configurable via two dials on the controller. With loads of features, the D2 Turbo is the complete motor for a standard, domestic four-meter gate.
The D2 Turbo Low-Voltage operator is designed specifically for sites with no mains at the gate to reduce installation costs while delivering outstanding reliability, comprehensive functionality and selectable high-security or standard speeds. With the D2 Turbo Low-Voltage, there is no need for costly high-voltage cable runs and expensive isolators. Simply use a low-voltage step-down transformer or solar power supply. Now that’s fast! Sleek, strong, stylish – and even eco-conscious – this CENTSYS has it all.

Main Features

  • Turbo speed for greater security and convenience.
  • Very easy to install and set up, saving you time and money.
  • Reliable battery backup.
  • Dedicated Solar Mode – allows you to disable the Mains Fail buzzer when using solar power.
  • Onboard multichannel CENTSYS receiver.
  • Multiple Modes of Operation.
  • Adaptive Collision Sensing.
  • Modular components clip together for easy maintenance.
  • Lockable, easy Manual Override.
  • Now with robust steel pinion – can be easily retro-fitted and ensures reliable operation.

Technical Data

Technical Data D2 Turbo D2 Turbo Low-voltage
Input voltage 1 90V– 240V AC ±10%, 50Hz 10V – 20V AC ±10%, 50Hz; 10V – 28V DC
Motor voltage 12V DC 12V DC 3
Motor power supply 4 Battery-driven (standard capacity – 12V 5Ah) Battery-driven (standard capacity – 12V 5Ah)
Current consumption (mains) Intergral with controller 1A @ 13.7V +/- 1% Intergral with controller 1A @ 13.7V +/- 1% (Input voltage > 15V AC)
Current consumption (motor at rated load) 8/12A 8/12A
Current consumption (quiescent load) 95mA 95mA
Operator push force
Starting 18kgf 18kgf
Rated 8kgf 8kgf
Gate mass – maximum 250kg 250kg
Gate length – maximum 20m 20m
Gate speed – m/min 6 22 – 26m/min 22 – 26m/min
Gate speed – mm/sec 367 – 433mm/sec 367 – 433mm/sec
Drive Pinion 17T Module 4 17T Module 4
Maximum daily cycle 10 cycles/day 10 cycles/day
Design life 30 000 cycles 30 000 cycles
Operations in standby with standard battery 4, 5
Half day 60 cycles 60 cycles
Full day 40 cycles 40 cycles
Collision sensing Electronic Electronic
Operating temperature -15°C to +50°C -15°C to +50°C
Degree of protection IP54 IP54
Controller incorporated D2 Controller_H D2 Controller_L
Onboard receiver type NOVA code-hopping onboard, multichannel NOVA code-hopping onboard, multichannel
Receiver frequency 433.92MHz 433.92MHz
Receiver code storage capacity 32 transmitter buttons 32 transmitter buttons
Mass of unit packed 5kg 5kg
Packaging dimensions Length: 255mm x Width: 188mm x Height: 333mm Length: 255mm x Width: 188mm x Height: 333mm
[*] – Can operate off a solar supply, consult CENTSYS for assistance. [**] – A larger 7Ah battery can be used for longer standby times. [***] – Can be configured.

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