Centsys D5 Smart



  •  D5 Smart Operator
  • 2 x 7.2AH Batteries
  • 2 x Centsys Nova Remotes
  • Battery Backup

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Centsys D5 Smart


Speed and safety

Pushing the limits of technology and the various safety factors around speed, the D5 SMΔRT can reach an impressive top speed of up to 36 meters per minute, striking the perfect balance between security, convenience and safety.

SMART hardware

A lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the D5 SMΔRT is not only exceptionally good looking, but provides the best experience for installers and end-users alike.
The D5 SMΔRT’s mechanical design was inspired by installer-friendly considerations and includes:
• Excellent cable management for an installation that is both neat and flexible
• SMΔRT height adjustment ensuring a correct installation is easily achieved
• Easy access to bolts
• Ingenious component assembly literally clicks together in a neat and sturdy manner
• Two dedicated accessory trays hold accessories firmly in place and provide quick and easy access to wiring

Intelligent logging and reporting

The D5 SMΔRT provides intelligent feedback on your operator’s overall functioning and reports on events such as the last remote control button pressed, the condition of the battery, gate status as well as the speed at which the gate is running, delivering maximum peace of mind and giving you the SMΔRT experience. Installers will love the D5 SMΔRT, too! By capturing advanced technical data, installers will have quick access to system diagnostics, saving them considerable time and effort and enabling them to do their job more efficiently.

 Effortless and wireless

What makes the D5 SMΔRT so smart? Well, lots of things, but wireless convenience is where this operator really shines! This is gate automation like you’ve never experienced it. For installers, the MyCentsys Pro app makes setting up and configuring the operator’s many features an absolute breeze. Set the gate limits, speed, automatic closing and unique profiles for everyone using the gate, with just a few taps.

Advanced diagnostics

The D5 SMΔRT makes your life easier by boasting advanced diagnostic features, measuring and monitoring most aspects of the operator’s health, including:
• Controller hardware
• Battery charger
• Electric motor
• Override sensor
• Optional origin sensor
• Battery condition under load
• External accessories connected to the D5 SMΔRT

What else?


The D5 SMΔRT is so advanced that we could probably fill a couple of pages but, in the spirit of making your life easier, here are the highlights:

• New and improved theft- and vandal resistant cage with a patented design offering outstanding security and peace of mind

• Vibration sensor that can be connected to an optional third party device to notify you in the event that the gate motor is being tampered with

• Intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics and SMΔRT communication between the charger and the controller

• Improved gate speed position control system incorporating hall effect technology – highly resistant to interference

• Individually-configurable inputs and outputs

• Convenient and intuitive single-action manual release

• Reliable battery backup delivering more operations


    Technical Data D5-SMART
    -Input voltage1 90V – 240V AC +/-10% @ 50Hz
    -Current consumption (Mains) 200mA
    -DX1 Battery charger current output 1.3A
    -Duty cycle – Mains present2,3 Continuous
    -Motor voltage 5 24V DC
    -Motor power supply Battery-driven (Standard Capacity – 2x12V)
    -Current consumption (motor at rated load) 13A
    -Input / Output sink currents (Max accessory current draw)
    -I/O 1-4 100mA (12/24V)
    -I/O 5 and 6 3A (12/24V) 10sec Pulse
    -Motor push force – starting 30kgf
    -Motor push force – rated 17kgf
    -Gate mass – maximum 500kg
    -Gate length – maximum 100m
    -Gate speed (varies with load)4 Up to 36m/min (600mm/sec) @ 17kgf
    -Manual Override Lockable with key release
    -Operations whilst in battery backup mode with 7.2Ah batteries
    -Half day 5, 6 209 (Power Saving) / 102 (Normal)
    -Full day 5, 6 183 (Power Saving) / 87 (Normal)
    -Collision Sensing Electronic
    -Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
    -Onboard receiver type Code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
    -Receiver code storage capacity 1500 Remotes7
    -Receiver frequency 433.92MHz
    -Degree of protection IP55
    -Mass of unit packed (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery) 9.1kg
    -Packaging dimensions (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery) 325mm wide x 244mm deep x 445mm high

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 24.4 × 44.5 cm


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