BFT Deimos Ultra A400 – Operator Only


BFT Deimos Ultra A400 operator 24 V for sliding gates up to 400 kg in weight. Leaf speed 12 m/min.

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 The BFT Deimos Ultra BT A400 is a 24 V  operator for sliding gates up to 400 kg in weight. Leaf speed 12 m/min. The Deimos Ultra BT A400 is an easy to setup, quality Italian operator.

Main Features

  • Magnetic limit switches: this type of limit switch ensures safe and precise installations in any ambient condition
  • Control unit with programming display: the Merak control unit with programming display with pre-programmed scenarios helps the installer in the programming phase; the control unit is arranged in an oblique way, to facilitate reading and making the se[ READ EVERYTHING ]
  • Front screws: this arrangement of the casing screws offers ease and convenience during installation and maintenance, even when there is limited space.
  • Release lever with personalised key: the release lever simplifies motor release and the personalized key ensures its uniqueness, for better


Control unit MERAK SL1
Board power supply 230 V
Supply voltage 24 V
Power consumption 50 W
Max. door/gate weight 400 kg
Gate panel speed 12 m/min
Type of limit switch Magnetic
Pinion module 4


Slowdown Yes
Locking Mechanical
Release Lever-operated with personal key
Impact reaction D-Track
Frequency of use intensive
Protection rating IP44
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 55 °C
Interconnectivity Yes

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 32 × 26 cm


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