Modular Sliding Gate Systems

Modular sliding gate systems for commercial and industrial facilities across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Unsurpassed safety features with a class leading turn around time. Secure Entry is now an authorised installer and reseller.

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    Sliding Gate Styles

    Sliding gate systems typically run along a secured metal track or suspended on rollers and can be operated manually or automated with many forms of remote control access options.  Power can be sourced from mains, battery or solar.

    Commercial Gates

    Track Sliding Gates

    Track sliding gates are the most straightforward style of automatic sliding gate and an obvious choice when space and surface pose no issues. As the name suggests, a single panel slides along a track that is concreted in or bolted to a concrete footing.

    Telescopic Sliding Gates

    Telescopic sliding gates are the preferred solution where there isn’t enough space to the side of the opening for a single panel sliding gate to open fully.

    The most common telescopic gate runs two leaves (panels) along dual tracks, thereby allowing the gate to open into roughly half the space of the opening. We also offer triple telescopic systems, which allow the gate to retract into approximately a third of the driveway opening.

    Commerical Gates
    Commercial Gates

    Cantilever Sliding Gates

    Cantilever sliding gates do not require a track but are instead supported by rollers fixed on the side of the opening such that the gate appears suspended above the ground.

    This style is preferable for uneven or loose driveway surfaces. It’s also a great solution when you wish to avoid cutting into an existing asphalt or gravel driveway to lay a concrete strip needed for the standard sliding gate.

    Why Secure Entry?

    Over the past 20 years our trusted team has been designing and delivering systems that add security, appeal and value to homes, businesses, commercial sites, schools and body corporates across South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales and beyond.

    One-Stop Solution

    Secure Entry specialises in whole site solutions. We’ll guide you through the entire process from selecting your plan, to design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

    Superior Planning & Design

    No two projects are the same. As such every gate system we provide is custom designed to ensure the fit, form and function match your needs and vision.

    Quality Fabrication & Materials

    All of our custom builds are crafted entirely in our Brisbane workshop by our experienced team of fabricators using the highest quality materials available to ensure your gates durability.

    Fully Licensed Installers

    Our systems are all constructed and installed with licensed and experienced staff in compliance with Australian standards. All Secure Entry staff are police-checked and insured by us.

    Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

    Ensure your gates remain in good working order and extend their longevity with ongoing servicing, maintenance and repairs by Secure Entry.

    Large Range of Gates

    Select from a large range of designs and systems to suit your style, budget and location.

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